Distance Learning Belarus
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About the project

Distance Learning Belarus is the first in Belarus project of remote education that provides all advantages of Internet-technologies. Almost all the levels of curriculum are automatized that allows real-time work with the System.

There are two types of users available: an individual user and a team. A team must include only registered users.

The curriculum is arranged into several study courses. Each course contains practical problems and sometimes corresponding theoretical material. After subscribing to a course a user obtains the access to short theory and corresponding to it problems. By solving the problems a user obtains further parts of theory and problems. The studying of a course is assumed to be completed after all the theory is learnt (it's checked with problems) and the necessary minimums of the problems are solved.

Competition is a special kind of courses. Such courses as a rule include only problems and their "life"-time is short - usually several hours. After it's expiry the results are calculated and the winners are proclaimed.

The competitions can be personal or command (by the rules ACM championship).

Some courses can be only personal or only command if it's author wishes.

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